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Grassroots Leadership Training


It’s Not Too Late for you to help lead our country back to the American Common Sense Values on which our country was founded.  Join Today and help build a grassroots army of like minded people with American Common Sense Traditional Values that will assist one another in accomplishing not only personal goals but also goals to


If you would like to improve your future and the future of our country, then come join us as we assemble a grassroots organization of like minded people dedicated to improving relationships and reaching life long goals. We will create a grassroots army of like minded people with American Common Sense Values that builds from the grassroots local level, to the state level, and then to the national level as it spreads all across America restoring to the Market Place and Government the long held Values that inspired the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the framers of our Constitution on which this country was founded.


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Candidate                         Color                OPP Code

Rand Paul                                    Yellow                        RPS

Karen Tingle-Sames                 White                       KTSM

Geoff Davis                                   Red                           GDC

Ryan Quarles                             Green                         RQR

Micah Ingram                            L Blue                          MIJ

 Tom Sparks                               Teal                           TSJ

 Tanuya Nolan Jack                 elected                   elected

 Saundra Gano                            Pink                          SGC

 Contact to let us know who is your favorite candidate. We will post your request in the OPP column on the John Hancock page. You can also request to have your enlisted by changed to a person who you are now working with..

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