Common Sense Coalition

Welcome Home!

We invite you to come join us, Common Sense Coalition as we rally the troops and create a tremendous grassroots effort to develop local, state and national Leaders to lead a Network of like-minded Common Sense people from all across America. Your part in this effort is to commit to get actively involved and work to promote an American Common Sense Coalition and enlist at least two others to do the same. The idea is reminiscent of Nehemiah instructing the Israelites to rebuild the wall in front of their own house therefore; restoring the wall in record time. When you enlist at least two others to join the mission to support an American Common Sense Movement you are rebuilding the wall in front of your house. This commitment takes courage, but not as much courage as that of John Hancock, who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence which required him to not only pledge his fortune and his sacred honor, but also his life. His signature is clearly visible on the document. He signed it very large so that his signature could not be misread, explaining that even the King of England would be able to read it without his glasses. By enlisting in the John Hancock Division of Common Sense Coalition you are pledging your effort in a way that cannot be misconstrued, also you are committing to the cause in a way that requires personal sacrifice. John Hancock pledged much more than just a commitment to get involved in an effort to build a grassroots army and find two others to do the same. You can also make a difference in the course of this nation by doing it with the courage he exhibited. Simply enlist in the Common Sense Coalition Network at and Join Today, then start enlisting others and becoma a leader of your own group. We are committed to establishing and growing personal relationships, plus also teach everyone in the Network how to build thier own group and grow in rank.