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Since this site is focusing on Kentucky we are going to adopt the basic beliefs and concepts of the Kentucky Patriots. We will be using this model to develop a national platform that will reflect an American Common Sense interpretation of our laws as found in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We will use our Judo-Christian heritage as our guide to dealing with moral issues and social values. Below is the platform of the Kentucky Patriots.


The Kentucky Patriots


The Kentucky Patriots are a non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to the defense and preservation of the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We believe that the government of the United States was created to serve “We the People”; not for us the serve it. We neither support, nor oppose, any political party. Neither do we seek to become a “third party”.


What we believe

The Kentucky Patriots believe in the following:


1.       A limited federal government, as set forth in the constitution.

2.       The freedom of, and NOT from, religion.

3.       The sanctity of life, and the rights of the unborn.

4.       The right of the people to keep and bear arms.

5.       In fair and equal taxation, determined by purchases, not by earnings.

6.       In legal citizenship, and denial of benefits to those not of legal status.


What are our goals?

1.   To send notice to our elected officials that their records are being noticed and acted upon.

2.   To restore our State and Federal government to the one envisioned by our founders.

3.   To build an organization capable of attaining these goals.

4.   To make our voices heard in the 2010 elections, and in every election thereafter.


How can I help?

1.      Set up a date to have a get together with 2-6 friends, much like the one that you are at now. ***

2.      Discuss what you have heard today and encourage them to get involved in helping save our country.

3.      Get them to understand how important it is to repeat the process.

4.      Tie them in with Local, District and State leadership.


*** If you don’t feel conformable leading this get together with you friends, please contact a leader of the Kentucky

           Patriots and we will find someone to come and speak to your group.  This is what leadership does!  Leaders help

           people grow their group.



 Below is the beginning of what is being developed to become the mission statement of American Common Sense Coalition.


(please feel free to comment on what is being developed, send comments to




Our mission is to bring together and organize Common Sense Voters under the Banner of Common Sense Coalition.   We are creating a tremendous grassroots effort that will develop local, state and national Leaders that will lead a grassroots army of like-minded American Common Sense people from all across America that will elect candidates who will return our country back to the principales and values that was established by our founding fathers. We are lookig for canididates that has the knowledge and determination to go to Washington and make an immediate impact there. It will no longer be business as usual because we will elect people that has the knowledge and courage to get Real Change done.

Your part in this effort is to commit to get actively involved and work to promote Common Sense Coalition and enlist at least two others to do the same. The idea is reminiscent of Nehemiah instructing the Israelites to rebuild the wall in front of their own house therefore; restoring the wall in record time. When you enlist at least two others to join the mission to support an American Common Sense Movement you are rebuilding the wall in front of your house.

We support the 9 principles and 12 values of the 912 project.

Issues important to the American Common Sense Coalition movement!

1. A return to the founding fathers concepts contained in the 

      Declaration of Independence and a literal interpretation of the laws they set forth in the Constitution


1. National Security

  A. We believe in peace through strength by maintaining a strong military.

  B. We believe in doing what ever it takes to win the war on terror and using military tribunals to try enemy combatants.

  C. We believe in securing our borders by what ever means necessary, including building a fence where necessary to stop the massive inflow of illegals of whom some may be terroist.

  D. We believe that becoming energy independent is very important to keep our country strong and secure. Stop funding the people who are trying to destroy us and our way of life.

2. National Debt


We will be posting promotions of rank on the forum at under the Topic Rank



How the ranking system works!

When you personally enlist 2 people your become a ORGANIZER, ORG!

When you have 2 personal ORGANIZER's you become a COUNCIL-PERSON, CLM!

When you have 2 personal COUNCIL-PERSONS you become a MAYOR, MYR!

When you have 2 personal MAYORS you become a COMMISSIONER,CMR!

and on and on until you get to be PRESIDENT!!

To make corrections or ask a question, please email and we will get the correction made or questions answered ASAP.